A Consultative Workshop with Provincial and District Officials
18 MARCH 2008

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Hanover Workshop Proceedings

Connecting Social Sciences and Natural Sciences in the Arid Areas

On 13 September 2007, our first workshop was held at Sutherland in the
Northern Cape. The proceedings included the following papers:

Keynote address: Ms Sue van der Merwe, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

  • Prof Etienne Nel (Rhodes University), Trevor Hill (UKZN), Doreen Atkinson and Bev Taylor: "A Century of Change: Demographic and economic change in the Eastern Cape Karoo"
  • Doreen Atkinson: Differing worlds: Four provincial perspectives in the Karoo.
  • Jannie Cloete: The Drylands and the Desertification Paradigm
  • Dr Nicky Allsopp: "Rangelands-based livelihoods in arid areas: Moving towards poverty reduction"
  • Prof Izak van der Merwe: Assessing the economic potential of Small Towns in arid areas: The case of the Western Cape Province
  • Dr Kopano Taole: Building intellectual capacity in the arid areas
  • Prof Mike de Jongh: "Poverty and marginalisation in the arid areas: The case of the Great Karoo descendants of a First People"
  • Mark Ingle: Arid Areas Products, Markets, Services and Technologies
  • Lochner Marais: Desert Knowledge Australia and ARIDNet

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