2013 Karoo Parliament in Philipstown

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Thursday 10 Oct 2013

Briefing session on Karoo Lamb
Presentation: : 2.34MB
Because the Karoo name evokes such powerful images it has been misused and misappropriated by so many businesses to boost their marketing efforts. This misappropriation leads to the fact the most important asset of the Karoo people gets misused and the economic benefits not distributed back to the people of the Karoo. The Karoo is deprived of economic opportunities and also deprived of government actions to improve the quality of life of the majority of people due to the fact that the region is managed by four provinces resulting in poor coordination of government plans and actions.

Prof Johann Kirstin

Friday 11 Oct 2013

Session 1 - Agriculture and food production

Sutherland: Inheemse bokke in die Tankwa Karoo / Indigenous goats in the Tankwa Karoo
Presentation: 5.15 MB
The Tankwa feral goats that have been living as a wild population in the Tankwa Karoo for more than 80 years are a unique and genetically distinct population. Huge inputs were made to establish a viable population at Carnarvon Research Station, but the most desirable outcome will conserve the population in their natural habitat in the Tankwa Karoo National Park.
Mr Thinus Jonker, Noordkaap Dept Landbou / Northern Cape Agriculture
Email: tjonker@ncpg.gov.za


Carnarvon: Mentorskappe met opkomende boere 
Speech Afrikaans / English
Een van die regering se belangrike doelwitte is om grond beskikbaar te stel vir voorheen benadeelde SA burgers om die landbou te betree. (Grondherforming). Heelwat grond is vanaf 1994 deur die staat aangekoop en beskikbaar gestel aan voormalige opkomende boere. Ongelukkig  is ‘n groot persentasie van die vestigingsproses van opkomende boere ‘n totale mislukking. Hierdie mislukkings kan aan twee belangrike redes toe geskryf word nl: Min of geen ondersteuning van die staat na die toekenning van grond en ‘n gebrek aan kundigheid en ervaring.
Mr Gawie van Wyk, Farmer / Boer
E - mail: 

Session 2 - Tourism

Nieu Bethesda: Fossil Museum
Presentation: Not available for circulation
Because South Africa has a very diverse record of sedimentary rocks (including some of the oldest rocks known) which all contain fossils of different ages, the fossil record of our country has played a big part in understanding ancient biodiversity. In particular the rocks of the Karoo Supergroup, which record almost continuous deposition from 300 to 180 million years ago and are rich in fossil "reptiles", are an internationally proclaimed palaeontological icon. These Karoo fossils include the most distant ancestors of mammals, dinosaurs and tortoises and offer great potential for palaeotourism and job creation in rural parts of the country. As this is fragile heritage which will be damaged if not properly set up palaeotoursm initiatives require extensive planning before they are set in motion.
Prof Bruce Rubidge
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Laingsburg: Public Private Partnership
Presentation: 2.74 MB
Daar is by die gemeenskap die verwagting dat die munisipaliteit vir die meeste van die aksies in die dorp verantwoordelik is. Veral in klein munisipaliteite. Dit munisipaliteit kan dit nie aan al die verwagtinge voldoen nie. Die gemeenskap en privaat sektor moet verantwoordelikheid vir sekere aksies en ontwikkeling aanvaar.
Die munisipaliteit kan met vennootskappe met die privaat sektor en gemeenskap organisasies baie meer vermag. Die gemeenskap aanvaar dan ook eienaarskap van sulke aksies en projekte.
Die munisipaliteit ondersteun en maak 'n finansiele bydrae en privaat sektor of organisasie beplan en doen die uitvoering.Ons werk nog op daardie groot ekonomiese vennootskap wat baie werk gaan skep.
Mrs Gwenney Pekeur - IDP manager (Presenter)
Email: gpekeur@laingsburg.gov.za
Hon Mayor Willem Theron
E-mail: mayor@laingsburg.gov.zaMrs Yolanda Engelbreght - Local Tourism Officer
E-mail: laingsburgtourism@telkomsa.net


Smithfield: Platteland Preview
Smithfield is almost exactly halfway between Gauteng and Grahamstown, home of the largest and oldest festival in Africa (and the second biggest in the world). The Platteland Preview, based in Smithfield, is a regional arts festival which tries to capitalise on this geographical relationship.

For a taste of the festival check this YouTube link:


This is an earlier youtube video, before the festival, explaining what we were trying to do, and what Smithfield has to offer people who come to visit and see the festival shows:

Mrs Carmel Rickard
Email: carmel.rickard@gmail.com / plattelandpreview@gmail.com

Session 3: Art, culture and heritage                             

De Aar: Karoo Eisteddfod
An eisteddfod is a festival or "kunswedstryd" of literature, art, music, and dramatic performances; an annual event where learners can showcase visual and performing arts.
In September 2012 the Karoo Eisteddfod Trust was properly founded through appropriate legal procedures and three trustees, Frankie Sequeira, Marie Visser and myself were appointed. Applications were filed to register the trust as an article 21 company and NGO
Mrs Katie du Toit, Karoo Eisteddfod Trust
Email: katiedutoit@gmail.com / karooeisteddfod@gmail.com


Richmond: The Boekbedonnerd Festival and the Anglo Boer War conferences
Not available
Mr John Donaldson
Email: booktownrichmond@hotmail.com


Prince Albert: Winter school and heritage festival
Not available
Dr Judy MaguireKDF Trustee


Cradock: Olive Schreiner Museum
Presentation: 5.91MB
The purpose of the presentation was to inform people about Schreiner House, its contents and what services it provides. Given that it cannot be seen in isolation it was presented in the context of the town in which it exists, namely, Cradock.

The presentation starts with a view of some of Cradock's most beautiful and striking buildings, and in adding to the context goes onto the importance of the Great Fish River and the Mountain Zebra National Park to Cradock and its people.

The focus then shifts to Olive Schreiner, her life and works, and the Schreiner House. In respect of the latter, a satellite of the National English Literary Museum, the presentation provides a selection of scenes of the House's period rooms, exhibitions and the educational services, including school excursions and the annual 'Schreiner: Karoo Writers Festival'.

Dr Brian Wilmot, Cramtour (Cradock – Middelburg Tourism)
Email: oschreiner@telkomsa.net


Session 4: Developing communities                             

Petrusville: Karoo kunshandwerk / hand craftwork – Flock ladies of the Karoo
This project changed the lives of both myself and the Ladies of the Flock. It took me out of my comfort zone and for the Ladies of the Flock, it gave a sense of pride.
Mrs Zahn Spies - Flock ladies of the Karoo
E - mail:benzahn@telkomsa.net


Carnarvon: Dealing with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome
Presentation: 500KB
Speech (more info)
Scientific studies indicate that South Africa has the highest reported incidence of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in the world. An estimated 25 000 babies are born with FAS every year. The study shows that 12.2% of the people in De Aar have FAS. This is the highest in the world. In comparison, the United States of America's rate of the syndrome is lower than 1%.
Mrs Hanlie Snyman,  Institute for Disability Innovation


Jagersfontein:  Partnerships and collaboration in educational support programmes
Die Itumeleng Community Trust, ‘n affiliaal van die Jagersfontein Development Trust verken saam met gemeenskapsrolspelers ontwikkeling itv gesondheid, veiligheid en sekuriteit, ekonomiese vooruitgang, werkskepping ens. Hul fokus op opvoeding is vir eers op beurse ondersteuning aan Jagersfontein matrikulante en post-matrikulante vir tersiere studiegeleenthede.
Mrs Priscilla Booysen, Rupert Education Foundation
E-mail: priscilla@rupertfoundation.com


Session 5 : Environment

Philippolis :  Beautifying your CBD
Not available
Mr Deon Beneke,  Chamber of Commerce, Philippolis
E - mail: deonbeneke@gmail.com


Loxton: Bossies and Bunnies: Approaches to sustainable land management in the Nama Karoo
The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) celebrates 40 years in conservation this year. The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Drylands Conservation Programme (EWT-DCP) is one of 14 programmes working on the conservation of endangered species and their habitats. The Programme was formerly known as the EWT-Riverine Rabbit Programme.  The Programme underwent a name change late last year in order to reflect the broader scope and diversity of the objectives and projects of the programme.
Ms Bonnie Schumann, Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Drylands Conservation Programme 
Email: bonnies@ewt.org.za


Orania:  It is said that resources are limited, it that so?:  Recycling and Earthships
Presentation: 1.02MB
Mr Ludwig Everson
E - mail: info.everson@gmail.com


De Aar: Pixley renewable energy hub: Envisaged special economic zone setting the district on a growth path.
Presentation: 4.01MB
The credit crunch leading to the collapse of the commodity sector had a devastating effect on our district resulting in job
Losses in the mining sector in and around 2008. These trends resulted in a new way of thinking for spheres of government to
Attract investment in areas that would give an impetus to the local economy. Customized solutions had to be sought fast in an
The environment of ever-shrinking revenue base for local municipalities. In 2010 an investment and renewable energy conference
declared the Pixley ka seme district a renewable energy hub.
Mr Sidisile Madyo, Pixley ka Seme District Municipality
Email: sindisile.excellent.madyo933@gmail.com


Carnarvon: Development of the most powerful radio telescope in the world 
Presentation: 3.53MB
The Karoo is ready to host the world's biggest and most sensitive radio telescope!!
"South Africa is confident that the country will deliver on the expectations of the continent and world", President Zuma said.
Mr Pieter Snyman SKA

Short Movie clip showed in the evening.

A Loxton Story

eNuus support C@P (www.childrenatplay.org.za)


Dear Citizens of the Karoo/Burgers van die the Karoo

You can see our Fokus insert, which was on SABC 2 (Fokus) last Sunday. UFS en Univ Pretoria kry goeie boodstelling; ook die De Aar sonkragprojek en PC Ferreira se seekoeie!

- The first insert is on mining in Namaqualand. Our insert comes about halfway. You can speed up the insert by fast-forwarding it (drag the cursor along the bottom of the screen).